Dust Bowl Curriculum

A special Educator's Edition of THE DUST BOWL, a four-hour, two episode documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns, is available to check out from the District office.  THE DUST BOWL chronicles the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history; when a frenzied wheat boom on the southern Plains, followed by a decade-long drought during the 1930's, nearly swept away the breadbasket of the nation.  Menacing black blizzards killed farmer's crops and livestock, threatened the lives of children, and forced thousands of desperate families to pick up and move somewhere else.

The documentary contains vivid interviews with more than two dozen survivors of those hard times, combined with dramatic photos and seldom seen movie footage, brings to life stories of incredible human suffering and equally human perseverance. THE DUST BOWL also tells a story about our relationship to the land that sustains us.  Ignoring the lessons we learned from those dark days could be at our own peril.

This special edition disk includes:

  •  Classroom resources correlated to junior and senior high school curricula
  •  Lesson plans correlated to the national standards in U.S. History, Economics, Geography and Environmental Studies, Journalism, and more
  •  Video clips that visually emphasize lesson themes
  •  Special features that include: Behind the scenes, deleted scenes, and additional interviews

Call the District office at (405) 524-4450 to check out this valuable resource.

Enviroscape Model

An Enviroscape watershed/nonpoint source pollution model is available for checkout.  The EnviroscapeĀ® was developed as an educational tool to increase awareness of water pollution.  It promotes awareness by showing sources of water pollution and the methods that are being used to control those pollution sources.  The EnviroscapeĀ® Model comes with a user's guide and suggested activities.  Teachers and other educators can checkout the model for classroom use by contacting the district office or contact our staff about making a classroom presentation.

Natural Resource Days

Our district provides Natural Resources Days for schools in Oklahoma County.  We set up education stations on topics such as fishing, forestry, soils, water, wetlands, or wildlife.  Students rotate through sessions, usually 40-45 minutes in length.  The students at right are participating in the Project WET activity The Incredible Journey.

Environmental Education Posters

World of Pollinator and Native Bees posters are available through the District office while supplies last.  Please call or email us to reserve your copy of these colorful posters.

National Land and Range Judging Contest

Our district is very involved with the National Land and Range Judging Contest held each year in Oklahoma City.  The district manager serves as the contest coordinator, and the district secretary handles all the pre-registration.

Outdoor Classrooms

District provides technical assistance to local schools with outdoor classroom projects such as wetlands.


We sponsor educational workshops for landowners, businesses, and other individuals.  Workshops such as Feral Hog Management, Pond Management, and Soil Health provide a service to our citizens and help them manage their natural resources. 

Helpful Links for Conservation Education