Sowing Seeds of Stewardship 

Oklahoma County Conservation District to provide funding for the purchase of native plants for conservation projects

The Oklahoma County Conservation District is promoting land stewardship in urban areas by providing resources and technical assistance to support conservation projects that showcase the benefits of native plants in the areas of soil health, water conservation, and wildlife habitat. We invite individuals and organizations (schools, churches, nonprofits) to apply for funding to support their native plant projects (up to two $500 awards, up to four $250 awards, and multiple $50-100 awards will be made). Businesses are eligible to apply for small projects ($50-100). All applications must be received by 11:59PM CST on March 10th.

Proposed projects should:
  • Address a resource concern through the use of native plants
  • Promote the benefits of native plants through an educational component
  • Provide a high-quality maintenance plan to ensure the project continues

Projects will be ranked based on how well they achieve these goals, and recipients will be notified by email.

All projects must be located within Oklahoma County to quality and only one application is allowed per applicant. Approved applicants must agree to display a small sign at their project location acknowledging the support of the Oklahoma County Conservation District (we will supply signs to all approved applicants). 

Questions? Email us at or call (405) 415-4602

This project is made possible by a generous grant from the Friends of NACD (National Association of Conservation Districts)

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Deadline: March 10th, 2023

Who can apply?

This program is open to individuals, as well as nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and Tribal groups. Businesses may apply for small projects ($50-100).

What kinds of projects qualify?

Qualified projects will address a resource concern (primarily related to water conservation, soil health, or wildlife habitat). They must rely on the use of native plants to address these concerns. Examples include planting small pollinator gardens with perennial native plants or using native plants in a rain garden designed to capture stormwater runoff and prevent pollution. All projects must be located within Oklahoma County to qualify.

What expenses will this program cover?

The funds from this program can ONLY be used to purchase native plants. While your project can include other elements, those cannot be claimed for reimbursement.

How will I receive funds?

Approved projects will be notified by email and must sign a project agreement which will state how much funding has been designated for their project. Each approved individual will be responsible for purchasing their native plants upfront*. Once the project is complete, you will be asked to schedule a certification visit from a district representative who will verify that the project was completed as proposed. After certification, the approved individual will submit their receipts for their native plants. Our board of directors will review and approve all claims and our district will issue a written check for the agreed upon amount.

*If paying for the plants upfront is a challenge for you, please reach out to our district to discuss options.

What criteria will be used to rank applications?

All projects must address a resource concern through native plants; they must promote the benefits of native plants through an educational component; and they must provide a maintenance plan to ensure the project continues after the initial funding period. Applications will be ranked based upon how well they address each of these requirements.

How much funding can I request?

Applicants can request funds for a large project ($500), an intermediate project ($250), or a small project ($50-100). The large and intermediate projects may be more competitive because we will award at most two large projects and four intermediate projects. Remaining funds will be distributed among the remaining small projects at the discretion of the Oklahoma County Conservation District.

What are my responsibilities for this project?

Selected applicants agree to:

  • Purchase the plants up front
  • Complete project installation by May 31st, 2023
  • Display a sign acknowledging the support of Oklahoma County Conservation District at the project site (OCCD will provide the sign)
  • Share photos of the completed project with OCCD
  • Share project data with OCCD (such as who the project benefits, approx. number of people impacted by the project, etc)
  • Maintain the project after it is completed

How many applications can I submit?

Due to limited funds for this project, each individual/organization may only submit one application.

What is the timeline to complete my project?

All approved applicants will be notified on or around March 20th, 2023. Applicants will have until May 31st to complete their projects. Receipts will be due by June 16th and reimbursements will be made as soon as possible after claims have been processed.