Yard by Yard

The Yard by Yard Project encourages residents in cities and towns to add strength, health, and resiliency to our communities! This happens when yards are managed to improve soil health and contribute to clean water. Yard by Yard recognizes and supports citizens who take action to make their yards resilient and nature-friendly.

What is Community Resiliency?

A typical lawn of short turf grass is not a functional landscape. These lawns need frequent watering, frequent mowing, and lots of fertilizer. Their short roots do not capture much rainwater or build soil, and they are a "food desert" for native wildlife.

Yard by Yard practices will result in healthy soil that pulls in rain - your own backyard will help reduce flooding and water pollution! These recommended practices will attract wildlife and help your yard survive in times of drought. That's resiliency!

How Does Yard by Yard Promote Urban Conservation?

The Yard by Yard program encourages homeowners to take action by implementing practices from a list of 24 suggestions across four categories: soil health, water conservation, food production, and wildlife habitat.  These practices help make your yard more sustainable and can turn it into a resource for native plants and animals. If your yard puts at least five practices in place, across at least three categories, you can be certified by the Oklahoma County Conservation District. Additionally, all yards must be pesticide free to qualify. Click here to access the Yard by Yard checklist and email it to oklahomaccd@conservation.ok.gov to begin your application. 

Benefits of Participation

  • Yard sign to recognize your efforts
  • High quality wildflower seeds (for you and a friend!)
  • Recognition on Yard by Yard accounts
  • Educational mini-posters to share
  • Postcards to spread the word
  • A beautiful, nature-friendly yard!

Need Help Putting Sustainable Practices Into Action?

Click the links below for detailed information about each Yard by Yard practice, including why they are important and how you can put them into action in your own yard. If you still have questions, contact our district for personalized recommendations for improving your yard: oklahomaccd@conservation.ok.gov

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